Morgan Harper Nichols : For all you have been through, you have come so far...

From 🌻 Morgan Harper Nichols  -  For all you have been through,
you have come so far.
And to be able to talk about
these valleys you tread through,
and how you learned
to see the Light in the process
is a truly beautiful thing.
I hope you are able
to continue to take this day by day.
There is a lot of pressure on you right now,
but by grace, with strength you will make it.
You will. I hope you are able to
wake up each morning and go to bed each night
knowing that even here, there is more ahead.
Even here, Living Water flows from the stream
and there is still a chance to be alive here. 
For now that you
have found Living Water
your soul can find rest
in the beautiful truth
that you are still growing
and your journey is not over yet.
—Morgan Harper Nichols
This is a part of a #poemletter I sent to the girl who has been through painful things when it comes to her family, and now has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. (The illustration is not of the girl mentioned. I created an illustration that looks different than her for the sake of keeping her story private).  -   

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