Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren: What will make u survive in a city, and collapse in the forest is lack of forest information

From #official_innoville  -  Regrann from #bennyemy - *Star conference Benin* *the president of #loveworldinnovations n carel conglomerate #daysmanoyakhilome Mr daysman's session, just ended 🌹*πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ The NoteπŸ“

As a young businessman, Entrepreneur or intend to be... There's something called an Agenda

Who is supporting the gosple... U or ur business. 
U can't live on the foundation of failure 
The world we live today is partitioned... And we as the young ones should build a new Nigeria

We need to be conscious of the power of influence.. (Wen u wake,  b4 u do anything, look into the mirror and say I'M A MAN OF INFLUENCE... Why fight over #N1000, wen u can have influence over,  #1000 people.  People in ur influence equals more money for U!.
We're operating in a "give me" society.. What about the "teach me" society. "A power given to someone,  Is no more power,  but a borrowed 
To build a society, u must build information
_"What will make u survive in a city,  and collapse in the forest is lack of forest information"_ "Develop a hard skin.. you become successful through information and the  weapon the enemy uses against you also information." The way to be ahead, is to give 5years profit as seed now!! The best way to keep something, is to give it

Do you know there's nothing like death here... Death is simply existance elsewhere.. Ur business doesn't die....the idea just relocates outside the walls of the business.
When it does don't give up on the business keep it going and establish elsewhere
Information is very vital. 
The first step u need to take to become a billionaire is defeat value in your mind.    

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